The Course


The first leg will be biking. Everyone will start at Memory Lake Park and travel through Crex Meadows Wildlife Area. This portion of the event is closer to 19 miles and you will experience a variety of terrain – some very challenging ground (sugar sand, sand, gravel, pavement) and curves. An off-road bike is strongly recommended – 75% is off-road terrain.

Roads to know:

  • North Park Street – North
  • Crex Ave / East Crex Ave / County Hwy D – East
  • Phantom Lake Road – North
  • Phantom Lake Trail – East
  • East Refuge Road – South
  • Lundquist Road – East
  • Rylander Road – North
  • North Fork Dike Road – West
  • East Refuge Road – North
  • Main Dike Road – West
  • Phantom Lake Road/Abel Road – South
  • Phantom Lake Road – SouthEast / South
  • Phantom Lake Trail – East to Transition Zone


After looping around Crex Meadows, you will arrive at the Phantom Lake Landing where you will transition into your self-propelled vessel such as a kayak, canoe or SUP. *Only one person per team per leg of the race. There will be transition zone volunteers to help you get your bike secure, vessel to the landing and in the water safely. This stretch of the race is approximately 2 miles.


Transition volunteers will help get your vessel out of the water so you can quickly dry off (yes, people have been known to tip) and fuel up. Water and energy drinks will be provided at the transition zone. Get ready for a challenging, yet very fun, trek back to the finish line. The first four miles will be a mix of pavement, gravel and sugar sand. Back at Memory Lake Park racers will experience a very challenging, hilly and fun trail run to finish off the eight mile run. Once you’re done you will be so proud of yourself and itching to race again next year!

Roads to know:

  • Phantom Lake Trail – West
  • Phantom Lake Road – South
  • Whiskey Creek Road / Airport Road – West / South
  • County Hwy D / East Crex Ave / Crex Ave – West
  • North Park Street – South
  • Trail Run – 4 miles (see below)

Updated Run Route