Results, Survey & Thank You

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

Thank you to all of our racers, spectators and volunteers. We look forward to May 12, 2018, the 6th Annual Adventure Triathlon. We plan to open registration very soon so that we can get on your calendar for next year.

Results are posted here:

Pictures are posted here

Also, please take this survey to help us with future races. Good, bad, ok  – we want it all! We want to improve every year and without your honest feedback we can’t do that. Thanks in advance for taking the time to fill it out!

See you in 2018!

Nicki, Natalie & Chris

Volunteer Survey

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Thank you so much for volunteering at the Adventure Triathlon. This event is only successful because of all of the enthusiastic and dependable volunteers we have. Every year the comments from racers involve praise for you!

We want to better understand your duties and experience as we are constantly aiming to improve and enhance. We value your honest and candid feedback – the good and bad:)

May 8 email update

Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Less than one week to go! This might be our final email before the race as I will be gone most of the week; but feel free to reach out with questions.


Attached is the course map with notes and mile markers. We will have some of these at registration if you want one. The course will be very well marked with volunteers or signs at every turn. We have around 60-70 volunteers – be sure to thank them if you get a chance!


***DO NOT FORGET YOUR LIFEJACKET AND HELMET OR YOU CAN’T RACE!!!! Also, wear high visibility clothing, put on bug spray and check for ticks post-race. Read more Safety tips here.




When dropping your kayak off in the morning, please put your kayak in the area designated for your wave. We will have volunteers there starting at 6:30am (prior to then, areas won’t be marked). Please mark your kayak with your name and bib # to make the transition as fast as possible as we will have volunteers helping locate kayaks. We will have tape and markers when you drop off if needed. Write big! If you prefer we don’t help with this, just let us  know when you drop it off and we’ll mark on our form that we don’t need to help locate yours. Please have your kayaks dropped off no later than 8:00am.


Bib & Wave #s: We have assigned your bib numbers and wave numbers. The first number of your bib is your wave number. You can find yours here: Please mark your kayak with last name and bib # as mentioned above.

When arriving at the transition zone from your bike, we will have volunteers available to take your bike/helmet, etc. and park them safely in the grass. We will have volunteers helping locate kayaks, carry kayaks to the water and guys in waders to help get you in / out of the water safely. Timing mats – you will cross one mat before entering the kayak area and the other mat as you head out on your run. This will be to track your splits. If you skip a mat, just know that you won’t have that split but you will have your finish time recorded. There is also a timing clock at the transition zone so you can see your time. The mats will pick up your chips several times if you stand too close to the mat or cross over multiple times, so just be aware of that. Below is an image to either laugh at (it’s not pretty or exact) or help you visualize. You’ll pass by the Phantom Lake landing at mile 4 but continue biking. Make a loop and come back around on mile 19. Leave your bike, stay to the right to enter the lane to cross over the mat and get your kayak. Come out of the water and stay to your right to cross the mat to enter the run.



The transition zone can get chaotic with lots of people so we ask spectators to please stay out of the way of racers and away from the landing! Also, no blocking the road, as it is a public road / landing. See shuttle info below as well.


Water Stations & Bathrooms

There will be a porta potty at the transition zone as well as a water station with Gatorade.

There will be a water station and public restroom near Crex Meadows Visitor Center – approximately 2.5 miles into run

There will be a water station near the starting line (flagpole) back at Memory Lake Park before you head into the trails

There will be a water station with Gatorade, and porta potty 2 miles into the trail run

There is a bath house at Memory Lake Park if you wish to grab a shower post-race



We would like to minimize the amount of cars parked near the transition zone to keep it as safe of an environment as possible. Therefore, we will have dedicated shuttle services for racer teammates AND spectators from Memory Lake Park to Phantom Lake Landing. The shuttle bus will be parked at Memory Lake between the road and bath house. They will leave every ½ hour or as needed.


Physical Therapists

We are very excited that our title sponsor, Burnett Medical Center, will have their Physical Therapy team on-site before and after the race on Saturday (approx. 8:00am-8:30am and 11:00am-1:00pm) to provide:

  • Assistance in getting ready for competition, including muscle cramping prevention and stretching
  • Consultation on any current physical issues a participant may have
  • Injury screening and recommendations

They have also provided a very informative article on our website: Tips for a Healthy, Safe Triathlon.


Another sponsor, Betty’s Board Shop, will be on-site with their Stand Up Paddle Boards. Want to take one for a spin? They will have several SUPs available for demo on Friday from 6:30-7:30pm (perhaps earlier) and again from 11am-12:30pm on Saturday. Melissa from Betty’s Board Shop will be set up by the flagpole entrance to Memory Lake (where youth paddle takes place).


Racer Consent Form – If you have not signed the liability waiver, we will have copies at check-in. We have record of who has and who hasn’t signed one; so no need to look it up on your end.


Refreshments: All racers will receive the following complimentary refreshments after the race which will be located inside the registration tent: milk, Gatorade, water, beer, banana and string cheese. Our sponsor, The Wake Up Call Coffee House, will be set up in the shelter house with items for purchase for you and your fans.


Friday Night: Want to check-in on Friday? Or just join us for dinner? We’ll have a free-will donation baked potato dinner from 5:30-7:30pm at Memory Lake Park, provided by our sponsor, Kozy Kitchen. They provide quite the spread so we hope you can join us!


Stay Over!

There are great camping spots in the Grantsburg area – one being right at Memory Lake Park. Also, our local motel, Grantsburg Inn recently went through a big renovation so is a nice local option.


Referral Bonus Update: As of today, we have a 5-way tie: Alexandria Mason, Brendan Kutz, Cory Pratt, Dean Schultz and Annie Lupo-Gondwe. They each have 2 points. If we have a tie for first we will split the $250 + $100 + $50 prizes among winners and not have any additional prizes. We will present the winning prize at the award ceremony. THANKS to everyone who referred someone to the Adventure Triathlon – we had 18 newbies because of you!


T-Shirts: We will have extra race t-shirts which will be available for purchase for you and fans for $10 each. You can get them at registration or after the race in the refreshment tent. Youth sizes will be available after the Youth registration which ends at 1:30.


Event Schedule: If you have questions on the schedule, please refer to the schedule on our website. Schedule of Events


Results: Results will be posted on our website shortly after the race on Saturday.

May 2 Email Update to Racers

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

We have a few updates for you:

  1. There is a new run route for the trail. If you’ve been with us for a few years you will know that nothing surprises us at this point. Some property changed hands and we aren’t allowed on some of the land we ran on last year. Not to worry, with great help from the local trail guru, Rod Kleiss (thanks Rod!),  we were able to reroute the course. We have LOTS of signs and flags + volunteers on the course so it will be extremely well-marked and no one will get lost! Attached are maps of the updated route.Updated Run Route 2Updated Run Route
  2. We have a new shuttle service this year, dedicated to taking racers AND spectators to and from the transition zone from Memory Lake Park. So tell your fans that they can come to the park and be shuttled out to watch you at the transition zone (in time to see your first lap on bike!).
  3. We love feedback as we’re always looking to make the experience even better. This year we have neon buoys for the kayak course, some SLOW signs for the road race, mile markers along the route, an announcer, etc.
  4. Enhancements to the transition zone: We will assign you a bib number that will correspond with your wave. Kayaks will be separated by wave. So if you are in the 2nd wave, your bib will start with a 2. Please put a large piece of tape on your kayak clearly marked with your Bib Number (will be sent to you later this week) and your last name (we will have tape and markers if you don’t do this ahead of time). As you get about ¼ mile from transition, someone will radio your bib number ahead and our kayak team will locate your kayak and haul it to the landing. Once you are out of your kayak, we will take it from you and place in an area designated for “finished racers” to help minimize confusion. We also plan to have a designated “gear” area where you can leave shoes, gloves, extra clothing layers, etc.
  5. If you don’t have a kayak and are looking to rent, contact Wild River Outfitters at 715-463-2254

We invite you and your family to our pre-race baked potato dinner on Friday, May 13 from 5:30 until the food is goneJ Registration goes until 8pm. That evening we will also have some SUPs to try out in Memory Lake if you want to take one for a spin, provided by Betty’s Board Shop.

On Saturday, Burnett Medical Center’s Physical Therapy team will be on-site to help with taping, stretching, etc. Times TBA.

Don’t forget to bring your required bike helmets and life jackets!

Here is a link to the schedule of events:

It’s not too late to register, so encourage your friends and family! You could win up to $250 by spreading the word. Info about our referral bonus can be found here:

If you know any kids age 9-14, please encourage them to sign up for our Youth Triathlon!

This won’t be the last you hear from me, so stay tuned for more updates as we approach the 2016 Adventure Triathlon!